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We understand what it takes to run a small business in the USA. We can help you take your business to new heights by getting control of those incoming calls.


Local Staff

We don't believe in sending your incoming calls to offshore call centres in India or Asia. Our team of professional receptionists are based here in the USA and have extensive experience working with local businesses. Many of our customers report that their customers actually think the receptionists are sitting in their office with them.

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Plenty of Features

Our system is really easy to use. It is also extremely flexible and you can structure it in a range of different ways. Some of our customers have all of their calls forwarded to us while others just use us for overflow work. It is totally up to you and what works best for your individual business. Another great benefit is that you can change your package whenever you want. Total Flexibility!

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Guaranteed Quality

We don't believe in locking our customers in to long term contracts. Our customers stay with us because we provide an exceptional level of service and our receptionists become part of their team. Our professional receptionists work to strict KPI's and are always endeavouring to deliver a prompt and professional service to you our valued customer.

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Why risk those important telephone calls

We all hate having to leave a message on an automated system. In fact, research has shown that more than 60% of business people will hang up rather than leave that message. It really doesn't make sense for you to risk your hard earned prospects to a system that could lose 40% or more of those prospects.

Getting your incoming calls answered by a live professional receptionist is not as expensive as you might think. Here at Cloud Phone Answering our basic package costs just $20 per month plus call costs. You don't have to be a big multi-national to be able to afford a decent answering service.

Get calls wherever you are

Gone are the days of being chained to your desk. With Cloud Phone Answering you can let us know where you are going to be and we will then forward your calls through. You could be at home, in a hotel room or at your favourite restaurant and we can forward those calls through to you. Our "find me" system is perfect when you are waiting for important calls.

Messages taken when needed

You don't need to set things up so that we are taking all of your calls. Maybe you are free to take calls most of the day but not available when you are in meetings. Not a problem, simply log in to our console and mark yourself as "do not disturb". Whilst "do not disturb" is showing our receptionists will answer your calls and forward through messages.

Get the important calls

We all know that for every 10 calls you may have 1 that is actually seriously important. The other are likely a mix of admin related calls and telemarketing calls. Not a problem! simply let us know what is regarded as an important call and we will forward those through to you whilst taking messages on the other. It really makes perfect business sense.

Packages to suit all sizes

We certainly don't believe in one size fits all. An answering service package that is suitable for a 2 person business is not going to work in a 200 person business. We have a range of flexible packages designed to fit almost any business. Also, if you don't think that our packages suit then we are quite happy to discuss designing one that does fit.

Telephone Answering Solutions That Work

Small business owners and start-ups have it tough. Because you are trying to get the most value out of every dollar that you spend you usually end up running your business with minimal staff. What this generally means is that you the owner are trying to wear a lot of different hats. One minute you might be out quoting a customer while the next you are carrying out the work. All the while you are trying to take all of those incoming telephone calls.

There has got to be an easier option! Well with a virtual receptionist service from Cloud Phone Answering you can have the best of both worlds.Our services cost significantly less than the cost of having a full time staff member and we also provide you with the flexibility to expand your use of our service virtually instantly. We give you the flexibility that your small business needs.

It really is quite clever in the way that it works. When you sign up for a service we allocate you a telephone number in a state of your choice. You can then either use that telephone number as your business number or you can divert your calls to the number. You then decide how you want your callers to be greeted and tell us what you would like us to say. You can change this greeting as often as you like. After that you tell us how you want us to get your messages to you. The majority of people these days get messages by email although you still have the option of SMS.

Once it's all set up you can sleep easy that your incoming telephone calls are being answered promptly and professionally. And our service is not going to break the bank. We have packages to suit anything from a small to a heavy user of our services. Our average customer spends around $100 per month all up. Not bad for the peace of mind that you get.

Professional Answering Service

You will be in good company when you sign up for one of our professional answering services. Our customers include attorney's, CPA's, entrepreneurs, IT consultants, architects, eCommerce stores plus a whole load more. Regardless of the type of business that you operate, you will receive the same first class level of service from our team of star virtual receptionists.

Whenever we answer the phone on your behalf we will answer with a message that has been agreed with you. For example if your business name is "Larry the accountant's CPA practice", we could answer with good morning/good afternoon, Larry the accountant's CPA practice this is Mary speaking, how may I help you. Our receptionist would then be able to either transfer the call through to Larry or one of his capable staff or potentially take a message that can be forwarded through to you by email or SMS.

Virtual Receptionists To Help Your Business

Our virtual receptionists don't have to just answer your incoming calls. They can also assist with giving out information to your customers (under your guidance) or gathering information in web forms. It may be that you have a new marketing campaign for a new product going on and you want to make all of your callers aware of these new products. Our virtual receptionists can potentially direct your callers to a web page, alert them of the new product or carry out a quick survey to gather more information. The possibilities are endless.

Flexibility When You Need It

Nothing is linear in business. One week sales can be booming while the next week everyone is sitting looking at the door. Because of this, it can be really difficult for small business holders to budget their staffing levels and ensure that they have an appropriate number of people available at all times. To solve this problem, why not bolster your internal team with a couple of virtual assistants. Our assistants only get paid when they are working so if there are no enquiries coming through then you don't need to pay them. It makes really good business sense!

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