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3 Advantages of Using Telephone Answering Service for Construction & Building Industry


In a construction company, one of the main problems you can make is not being there when the calls come in. If you spend all day doing jobs, then it can be hard to find time to take calls and actually get more work. The solution, then, is to hire a receptionist or an admin staff who can work for you and take calls. However, not many buildings firms can find an affordable, yet reliable member to work full-time to answer the phone and manage business enquiries.

At that point, it becomes exceptionally challenging to manage your business and actually do the work. The main solution, then, is to turn to what is known as a telephone answering service. These are as-needed professionals who work to a script, answering calls for you and managing business enquiries so that you can get to work and still allow future contracts and jobs to roll in while you work.



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Telephone answering service can be useful for many businesses in the construction industry. With this kind of call answering service, you can make sure that you are going to be seeing:


An improvement in the way that your business manages itself


You will no longer have to try and be a receptionist at the same time. Now, you can have someone else who isn’t just sitting waiting for the phone to ring: they create a costed program for you that covers X amount of calls. When they are not dealing with your business, they will be helping someone else. It saves you having staff that is doing nothing on a quiet day, instead just paying for the calls that come in.


Greater overall reputation


Another major factor of your business having this kind of live answering service involved is the reputational game. Your small business is going to become far more respected as you deliver facts and details to every caller who gets in touch. Now, you don’t have to be quick and brisk on the call as you are in the middle of a job. Also, it adds that layer of professionalism to the table: rather than a builder answering the phone to the sound of clangs and bangs, you are having a professional virtual receptionist answering with a much more welcoming tone.




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More time to get the job done


Now, you aren’t spending the whole day trying to work around the phone going and the work that has to be done. You can put 100% into any role that you are dealing with, ensuring that you don’t need to keep the volume down in case the phone goes. Without the cost of hiring a full-time employee and without the hassle of trying to do both roles at once, this makes it much easier to manage and balance your business responsibilities.


Thanks to telephone answering service, you should be finding it much easier to start making progressive changes to the way that your business looks after itself.



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