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3 Common Mistakes to Avoid and How to Answer the Phone Like a Pro


When it comes to answering the phone, many people today are deciding to hire a third party expert to deal with their needs. While hiring a virtual assistant (VA) or a virtual receptionist (VR) is a great choice, and it can be a cost-effective and time-friendly solution, you can quickly find that answering the phone like a professional is a very hard thing to do. At least at one point, you’ll need to field a call when your VA cannot – so, how can you make sure that you are answering the phone with the same charm, quality and consistency as the expert that you originally hired to make it possible?

What are the most common mistakes that people when they go to answer the phone?



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Not Smiling


One of the biggest mistakes that people can make when they answer is not smiling. That might sound weird – the other person can’t see you, so why does it matter?

Smiling literally changes how the words we say come across. It makes you sound more positive naturally, but it also helps to make sure that you come across as warmer to talk to. If the person on the other end of the phone is in need of support or answers, smiling can make your answer come across much better than it would if you just say it with a straight face.

Using Jargon

The worst mistake that you can make is presuming that the client knows everything about the topic that you do. It’s easy to do when you are so fixed on a certain topic – you begin to forget about the little things that, to you, are obvious. To the rest of the world, though, it’s just a puzzling phrase that means nothing.

Avoid industry slang or abbreviation that might not make sense. If you want to make it easier for yourself, tell them the full name and then abbreviate during the conversation so that they can go “Oh! Is that what that is?” etc.

Don’t try and showcase all of your knowledge by confusing and worrying the person that you are talking to.




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Not Listening


When you are trying to offer a friendly and helpful call, you want to be seen as the one with all the answers. As admirable as that might be, many people feel annoyed if you just keep answering and not listening. Take the time to quiet down for a moment and listen to the complexities that are being described to you.

You should always try and provide a summary back to the person before you end the call so that you can show to them that you 100% got what they were talking about. Then, explain what you are going to do to correct the problem and appease them.

If you lack a solution, tell them that you’ll be back in touch ASAP with one – show that you listened and you become far more likely to make sure that you come across with the right kind of professional touch.



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