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How an Automated Phone Answering System Could Slowly Kill Your Business?


For many businesses today, the challenge of always being there to take calls is quite a challenge. We don’t have the time to just sit at the desk all day, and we can be too busy to handle support calls and typical issues when we are on the go. At the same time, few businesses have the revenue available to just hire a staff member to purposely man the phones. This introduces its own problems to the table, mainly because many are now turning to ineffective automated phone answering system.

These work by having an automated software program handle the call process to stop you being flooded with misdirected calls. However, rather than help, they tend to hinder. Trying to talk to or direct through the automated phone answering systems of today is an exercise in frustration, or futility when they are bad enough. They might be cheaper than hiring a staff member, but they are not as cost-effective as it might seem.

Many automated phone answering systems tend to get very poor reception rates, and large volumes of callers will hang up and not call back – that’s a huge point of frustration. There’s a good chance that, if you are using such a program, you can get the same level of quality by hiring a phone answering service instead. The difference is that instead of having a lame, automated message that plays to the tedium of everyone listening, with a phone answering service someone does it all for you.



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You’ll have an expert receptionist who just runs the businesses phones from their side. This allows you to have a phone answering system with the human touch, and without the same costs as having a full-time employee. In fact, they tend to work out at prices that are not too dissimilar from the prices that you would be paying if you were to be working with a usual automated phone answering service!

So, the financial benefits of using an automated service are nowhere near as good as they might seem. Cheaper, yes, but there’s a reason for that. The pick-up rates go through the floor, and you can get a really bad reputation. Put it this way – someone has called your business to offer you their business, their money, and their loyalty. The worst possible example that you could set out for that is by making them talk to some horrible automated voice that feels about as impersonal as it possibly can.




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This is a true nightmare to deal with, and this can make sure that you have next to no problems in making the right kind of call over what kind of business impress you want to make. If you want to make sure that people feel like you welcome and want their business, then the best thing that you can do is to give them a clear indicator as to why that is.

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