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How Much Does a Telephone Answering Service Cost?


When it comes to getting a good telephone answering service, you should never discount the importance of cost. The price is supposed to be the main benefit of such a service when compared to hiring a full-time, in-house staff member, so getting used to knowing how much a telephone answering service should cost can help you make smarter decisions. First off, though, it helps to know why you are going to have so many options to pick from when it comes to matters such as the pricing.

After all, if the primary function here is to get a good deal then you need to do everything that you can to make that a possibility. Let’s look at how:



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Starting Out


At the onset, you want to be paying nothing more than $20-50/month on your call answering service. This is the ideal price range for anything from a start-up business that is looking to get all the help that they need in getting a few leads taken care of and giving off that air of authority and style that comes across as friendly and easy to work with in common business functions.

It also makes a good price range for tradesmen and offline business which are less likely to have as many calls appearing – especially in the first few years of business. If you are a business owner that is only just starting out or you work in a localized area, then you can probably cap it off at the $15-50 range.


Getting Larger


For any business that is looking to maybe go a bit further, you should be looking to upgrade that budget to anything from $80-130 depending on your earnings and your potential. This could allow you to take a large amount of calls and make sure you give off that air of authority when dealing with anything from order enquiries to B2B selling.

This can be the best price range to try and stop off at if you just want a reliable and friendly service that is affordable but does a good job in earning you some more clients.


Expanding Beyond


Of course, at this point you might just want to consider going all the way and getting a full package. The most you should be looking to spend per month on a call answering service is around $250. Over the year that will cost you around $3,000 which is a much cheaper service than hiring a full time expert to come in and help you.




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It all depends on the business size and what kind of costs you have to try and cover versus how much you are earning. Going with the price brackets above, though, is a pretty good start for making sure that you are well on track of your earnings versus your expenses.

With this you can make it so much simple to control and manage the next aspects of your business – with more business coming in, what’s the long-term aim and ambition?



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