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How to Ditch the Tasks You Hate by Hiring a Virtual Assistant?


When you start working in any kind of role in a business, you can find that tasks come along that you absolutely despise. From answering all the customer e-mails to writing some kind of bulletin, you can find that there are many tasks that can pop up in the mornings of your work that you just wish that you could do without. Usually, you will have something else that you would prefer to be putting that level of time, commitment and energy into if you wanted to see a genuine level of progression as time goes on.

While many people fail in this aspect, you can easily ditch the tasks that you hate and not make your day any harder, or lose respect. How? By hiring a virtual assistant. If you are looking for a way to get rid of the boring, menial tasks that makes your soul cry when you see them on the to-do list, you can easily look to hire a VA to help make sure that you are not wasting your time and energy dealing with this as time goes on.



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If you would rather concentrate on handling the things that you know you can do 100% efficiently, then this is almost certainly the place to start with!

So, how do you choose the tasks to give away to a VA? How can you determine the importance and challenge of a topic? Before outsourcing any project, ask yourself the following set of questions regarding the topic:

  • How important is the task to the rest of your day? It may be boring, but do you need to handle it solo to ensure that other parts of your day can be handled in the right manner?
  • What kind of skills are needed to make it work? You might find that one task is just too skilled to risk handing it out to some else. Try and make that distinction as fast you can – it can make a big difference if you choose to do so.
  • Also, look into the way that you invest in tasks – how much time and money is going to be needed to make the task a success? Is it going to be an affordable decision to outsource that task?
  • Are there limitations with time? Sometimes your VA might be on a different time-zone to you. Ensure that they can do the work at a reasonable hour or it might not be a good idea to outsource that particular project.
  • What are you going to be risking in terms of security? Training? Take into account the time that it might need to make sure that your VA is going to have the best opportunity to get this done.



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If you cannot guarantee this kind of thing, then it might be time to start considering how to get around this problem as soon as possible. For most people, that’s going to come from dealing with a VA who they can trust to handle any given task!



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