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Virtual Receptionist: Best Alternative to an In-House Receptionist


For anyone involved in the challenging world of business, having a receptionist will no doubt be something that you consider to be deeply important. If you do, then you are right. Having good, reliable and hardworking staff that don’t mind putting in the time and the effort for you can be a priceless venture for any business to head down. However, like anything else in the wonderful world of business and employment, money matters. An in-house secretary is an expense that many businesses simply could not find a fair reason to invest all of that capital into for the business.

While that might seem cheap or unfair, for many people it’s the fairest way of looking at hiring an in-house receptionist. It’s a cost and something that your business has to be able to both justify to the rest of the team and get a benefit out that generates profits. Given a full-time member of staff could cost your business five figures per year, that is a lot of work that your secretary has to be putting in to justify that kind of outlay for your business. Thankfully, more cost-effective options exist these days thanks to the Virtual Receptionist industry.



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These are people who work from home or office using the web alone to serve their clients. If you get in touch with a VR team, then you can get someone very quickly who you can understand and appreciate working with. They can be cost-effective in comparison to the expensive alternative that is the real thing. And they can also offer far more tasks that a typical receptionist is not likely to be able to do.

However, the main reason is because it allows for a massive saving. Every business decision has to come down to money and with a virtual receptionist you are paying a fraction of what you would pay if you were going to be using an in-house option. That five figure option soon becomes a three-four figure cost for the business.

Given that they can help you with everything from copywriting to customer support, a VR can be a solution that allows you to save on reception costs while also making sure that you save on having to hire in stuff on other departments at the same time.




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With this, you should immediately begin to notice a consistent change and improvement moving forward.

A virtual receptionist or assistant is just what most businesses need when they want to start making an impact. Doing it all yourself us not really an option but nor is hiring someone on full-time wages when your business is just starting out or is still slowly building up and improving.

The best way around this is to hire a virtual option. They work when you need them, for a fraction of the price, and can usually do more than what was written on paper in the first place. For that reason, hiring a VR can make perfect sense.



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