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Virtual Receptionist - Everything You Need to Know

What Does A Virtual Receptionist Do


As a business owner today, one of the most difficult parts of running your business usually comes down to dealing with staff and delegating each task. On the other hand, no business owner can do everything on their own. In order for your business to grow, you tend to find yourself dealing with the need to bring in other members of staff to help fill in the gaps that your business suffer from. However, not every business has enough capital just lying around to hire someone and bring them in.

For startups and SMEs, hiring someone costs a lot of money and forces your business to make major changes to the way it is structured. Instead, you can make the smart decision to just hire someone via a Virtual Receptionist program. This is so important, because it allows you to make the right steps to progress professionally without having to shell out for help on a full-time basis.

With this, you get to receive the help when you are in actual need of it. It can be very important for making sure that your business can move forward and progress accordingly. Unfortunately, understanding when to hire a Virtual Receptionist is quite a tough task. Hence, we put up a Virtual Receptionist: A Guide to Using Telephone Answering Services to Your Business’ Advantage post previously.

To help you make sure that you are making the right calls, we’re going to take a closer look at the importance of having a Virtual Receptionist. When you invest in one, you can reap its benefits right away and for the coming years to come. Let’s look at what it all means.



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What is a Virtual Receptionist?


A Virtual Receptionist is a professional who works outside of your business, and work remotely from wherever in the world they are, and can serve your business by being put on your system and being logged in from a distance. They can then handle a whole variety of tasks, which we will go into down below with a bit more detail. Usually, the tasks that they can work on varies and can be different depending on the company who hired them.

For sure, hiring a Virtual Receptionist can be one of the best decisions that you make as a professional. Why? Because they allow you to get easy access to a receptionist who can work with you, not for you. While they will be dealing with other businesses to and will likely need some kind of direction from you on how to deal with enquiries and support, they are here to take a lot of information in and relay it off to you.

The reasons why this is so useful should be obvious. A business leader will always have a skills gap: it’s nearly impossible not to have one. From not being great at sales to not being an especially competent admin, you always have something that you will struggle with. Well, a Virtual Receptionist can come in and offer you the help you need on the communications and admin side. Then, you can just get on with the tasks that you are best at, which is part of what makes a Virtual Receptionist such a valuable and useful ally to have.

Virtual Receptionist - Customer Service Fact

When you actually have five minutes just to breathe rather than finding yourself fighting fires and trying to appease everyone who calls at your office, then work can be pretty fun. A Virtual Receptionist can help to remove much of the problems that you can suffer from as a business owner, as well as to your your staff, making sure that you are much closer to having a more engaging, comfortable office environment.

This is the main reason why you might wish to hire a Virtual Receptionist. You might ask how can virtual receptionist help you manage your small business? Well, he or she can help you out by giving a professional, calming tone to every call and query. They can round up lots of information, prepare it for you, and make it much easier for you to actually progress and improve as a professional.

With this, let’s take a look at what a Virtual Receptionist can actually do for you. There are various ways that they can help you out and it depends on your business needs and the team you hire from.


What Does a Virtual Receptionist Do?


So, basically when you hire a Virtual Receptionist, they are going to be working with you on a variety of systems and styles. You will arrange a fee & contract, and make sure you have a deal that you can be happy with. From there, you’ll be taking on a receptionist who is going to understand how to work with clients. You’ll need to work with them to build up a script of sorts, ensuring that they exactly understand your business and can follow along with many of the challenges that you are going to be facing as a business.

This is very important, as it’s one of the main reasons why a business can succeed for the most part. As you hire a Virtual Receptionist, you will be spending a fair chunk of time working with them to try and help define a role for them. However, the roles can change as few professions are quite as easy to work with and to change parameters with than a virtual receptionist. They make it very easy for you to start messing around with things and deciding a little deeper about what kind of roles you want to handle and what you want to pass on in the other direction.

More importantly is the opportunity for development and experimentation. Over time, you might find that you could use your Virtual Receptionist for a bit more data collation, or maybe even to use them for a bit more of a sales front. You will find that they might bring other things to the table that you never considered, making it a whole lot easier for you to start putting together a whole stretch of different solutions that you might have thought would need another member of staff.

Virtual Receptionist - Loyal Customers Fact

However, you want to be spending a lot of your time dealing with professionals and other businesses – suppliers and the like. If you want to make a living, you need to talk to customers. This is why a Virtual Receptionist can be so useful, especially for startups and SMEs. You might ask, is it worth it to hire a virtual receptionist? Well, yes! He or she will ensure that there is always someone manning the phone, meaning that all of this little enquires don’t slip through the net and thus your business can do a much better job of appeasing as many clients as it possibly can.

So, if you hire a Virtual Receptionist, don’t expect them to just take one job and do that. Typically, they are very flexible and versatile in the workplace. This is essential to making sure that you can get a lot of harmony in the workplace, giving you a much easier experience. It takes a lot of work and planning to make sure that everyone is happy with the plan that is being put in place, but hiring a Virtual Receptionist can mean you get rid of lots of small tasks that can take up your day.

While what they do is very much up for interpretation, that’s because every Virtual Receptionist recruitment agency is different. You can usually define what you need and work with someone who can help you find a solution one way or the other.



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Why Use a Virtual Receptionist?

Virtual Receptionist Infographic

There are many reasons why taking the time to invest in some professional help around the place can be beneficial to your business. Just some of the reasons worth considering include:


How Much Does a Virtual Receptionist Cost?


As always, cost matters. One of the main reasons why you should look into hiring a Virtual Receptionist is because of the money side of things. As we’ve already mentioned, hiring an in-house receptionist will cost you a lot more than hiring a professional Virtual Receptionist. It’s the most cost-effective way to get some help who could represent your company properly and professionally. No more pretensions and no more making do – and definitely no more five-figure members of staff on the payroll who you cannot afford but need to have around.

It’s one of the main reasons why cost-smart businesses look to hire a Virtual Receptionist. They make it much easier for you to reduce the cost of your business, and also ensure that you can begin to move away from hiring a person who is going to cost you more than they can provide back at the other end. However, determining the price of this kind of person can be quite hard.

With the best websites for hiring Virtual Receptionists from, the idea is to work with a scalable, tiered pricing program. You can find it much easier to do this as you get a monthly contract that can cost you anything from say $15/month to as much as $230/month. This can sound like a lot, but you would need to pay a part-time receptionist probably in the region of $300-500/month.

Virtual Receptionist Pricing

Given that these programs allow you to judge the amount of calls handled per month, too, you can easily scale up with demand. Let’s say that you go with the cheapest program, which can get you access to a quality professional Virtual Receptionist at a cost of around $2/call, on a Pay as You Go model with a $15/month fee.

That’s a great deal, as it means that you can get access to an interested and wooed lead for that $2. On the more expensive packages out there, you can start to get more calls per month with a fair price for excess calls that come in over the agreed upon figure. That’s very useful, as it means that you can price your schedule fairly. For example, think of it as for every $2 call it has the potential to net you a sale. It’s unlikely someone would place a call to your support team to ask about anything that costs less than $2, so you can usually find that the cost of that call is made back if the person makes a purchase.

Now, if you were to be running a service-based industry like a plasterer or a plumber, one single job could cover your entire months’ worth of calls. For that flat fee, you can get yourself a pretty outstanding deal in terms of price that allows you to get the calls you miss out on when working yourself. With even just one or two successful calls per month, you can usually be in profit that wouldn’t have been possible without the help of your trusted Virtual Receptionist on the other end.

For that reason, then, you should never look at the pricing structure of getting involved with a Virtual Receptionist as a prohibitive factor. Yes, you might need to pay per call, but it might take only one sale to cover ten calls – this means you can easily make more than you spend on this kind of marketing and reputation management.


What is the Best Virtual Receptionist for Small Business?


For any small business that is looking to make their first steps into the world of using a Virtual Receptionist, then, Cloud Phone Answering might be your finest solution. Known for its flexibility when it matters and their quality team that has been vetted and hand-picked for their abilities, this is one of the most impressive Virtual Receptionist firms out there at the moment. What makes them the right company for small businesses in need of help?

As you can see, running a business today is an exceptionally challenging experience. It takes a lot of work, but with the help of support staff, that workload can be reduced. You may be like many others and find it hard to produce a way forward in terms of finding staff. As we mentioned above, hiring a receptionist is very hard. The cost alone can be quite prohibitive to actually having a progressive response from doing so.

Who can afford a five figure salary for a new member of staff when you are just starting out? Not very many businesses. With the help of a Virtual Receptionist, you can take away one of the most compelling barriers. This means paying the price that they need for the day, rather than trying to pay a salary even on the days when things are quiet.

It allows your business to get help when it needs it rather than shelling out for someone who you might not even need. It’s a hard thing to work out, for sure, but one thing is for sure: a Virtual Receptionist makes life so much simpler in the long run!

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