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10 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes


The marketplace of the 21st century has never been more competitive. What’s more, the legions of prospective customers that SMEs are climbing over one another to reach has never been more capricious. With so many businesses competing for their attention, consumers know that they can afford to be fickle. If you’re to not only get them to take an interest you but keep on coming back, you have to pull something pretty special out of the bag to penetrate their shield of apathy.

A cogent digital marketing strategy can enable you to grab the attention of fickle customers and put your business and your brand on the map. It can help to develop a meaningful relationship between your brand and your consumer base and build value into your brand. It can foster the kind of meaningful engagement that converts cynical prospects into faithful brand advocates.

And yet, while a strong digital marketing strategy can reap a host of benefits for years, a false step can lead to failure and / or excess spending. When composing your digital marketing strategy, steer clear of these commonly made digital marketing mistakes…



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Adopting a “business first” perspective


All entrepreneurs have a profound emotional connection to their businesses. It’s both their baby and their livelihood. However (and this can be a bitter pill or entrepreneurs to swallow), nobody cares about their businesses or even their products.

What they do care about is how said businesses and products can benefit them and improve their quality of life. Thus, a “business first” or “buy my product because it’s awesome because I’m awesome” approach is doomed to failure from the start. Instead, tailor your campaign with the customer and their needs at the forefront and your campaign is sure to be much more resonant.

Sacrificing quality for quantity when it comes to content


Few entrepreneurs need to be sold on the benefits of content marketing. It adds value to your brand, gives your business a voice, establishes you as a reputable and trustworthy presence in your field and gives capricious customers that all-important something for nothing.

Producing regular and unique User Generated Content (UGC) is also a great way to organically make yourself more visible to search engines. However, brands can fall into the trap of sacrificing quality for quantity.

Because they know that regular content can give them an SEO boost they assume that any old collection of words will do the trick. Thus, they may outsource their content to low cost, low quality overseas content farms. The trouble is that this is more likely to repel prospects than appease search engine crawlers.

Invest in creating good quality content that is worthy of your brand. While we’re on the subject of content...

Content for the sake of content


Even beautifully written and worded content is a waste of time, money and resources if it offers nothing of value to the customer. Leads coming to your website and engaging with your content will want effective solutions to the problems they encounter or at the very least, a humorous anecdote that is of value to them.



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Over-spending on leads


A Pay Per Click social media campaign or affiliate marketing blitzkrieg can be an effective opening volley in your digital campaign. However, you must guard against excessive spending on leads. This is why Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is perhaps the most important metric in your entire digital marketing strategy. It determines how much you have spent on each paying customer. The greater the CPA, the less effective the campaign.

Start of with a clear idea of what you want to spend per acquisition and you’ll be able to guard against wasteful spending.


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Implementing aimless programs


A loyalty program can be a great way of accumulating useful customer data which can be logged in your CRM and go towards creating profitable ongoing relationship… But be wary of implementing programs just for the sake of it that add nothing of value to the customer.

If you implement a loyalty scheme, make sure it gives prospective customers and returning customers alike more of what they want. Aimless programs are the embodiment of a waste of money!

Failing to account for trends in consumer behavior


Yes, there’s value in being a trendsetter, and by all means be bullish about your clever and inventive campaign… Just read the room before you launch. Consumer behaviour and attitudes are not fixed points. They can change and oscillate even in the short window of time between the genesis of an idea for a campaign and its implementation.

When brands place what they have to say over what their consumer base wants to hear, that’s when you get those misjudged and embarrassing campaigns that are proliferate on Buzzfeed lists.

Letting PPC do all the heavy lifting


As previously stated, an aggressive Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign can be a useful opening salvo… But now that you have their attention, what are you going to do with it? How can you capitalize on this surge of interest. What can you do to get users coming back?

Driving traffic instead of conversions


Don’t assume that just because you have gotten eyes to alight on your content or your online store that conversion rates will go through the roof. Offer users something to thank them for clicking through. Give them a special promotion or a “limited time only” discount. Wow them with an impressive landing page with a compelling Call To Action.

You can’t let your PPC do all the heavy lifting for you. You have to do something to capitalize on it!

Tracking the wrong metrics


A PPC campaign can create an explosive surge in your reach… But how useful a metric is reach? The less than palatable truth is that reach is merely a vanity metric. Just because someone has landed on your page doesn’t guarantee any kind of user engagement, much less actual conversion.

Instead of reach, you should be tracking CPA as well as Average Customer Value (ACV). This is (usually) the value in terms of the average customer spend. It’s a great way of tracking the rate at which your influx of traffic leads to robust sales.

Putting the “digital” before the “marketing”


Digital technology is ever-changing and it seems like every day there’s a new shiny toy to distract enterprises. New tools, new tactics, new channels… They all seem to promise the world. But keep on chasing these and you will plough a great deal of revenue into untried and untested methods. It’s more effective to find out what works for you and stick with it!

Now that you know the pitfalls to avoid you can push on with your dazzling and cost-effective digital marketing campaign!

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