Let us manage your calls, while you manage your business

Flexible when it really counts

Your personalized receptionist package delivers a broad range of services. Some customers want us to answer all of their calls 24/7 while others just need us when their in-house receptionist is at lunch. It is totally up to you and you will only need to pay for what you need.

The Phoneanswering.net team

We employ a team of fully trained and experienced professional receptionists who are based here in the USA. Our staff will give you a brilliant first impression for a very reasonable cost.

How our Cloud Telephone Answer services work

1. When you sign up for a FREE 7 Day trial you will get number allocated instantly

Sign up for your no obligation FREE Trial of our virtual receptionist service and we will allocate a telephone number to your account. This number can be either an 0800 number or a number in the city of your choice.

2. This phone number can be used by your business or you forward your existing number to it

Once you have been allocated your new phone number you will be able to either use that number for your business or (as most customers do) you can divert any existing numbers used in your business to this new number.

3. Let us know what greeting you want us to use for callers and enter any notes for the receptionists

When you log in to our admin portal you can enter the greeting that you would like our receptionists to use with your callers. You also have the opportunity to enter any other notes, like business address, fax number, car parking details etc that might be seen as being useful to the receptionist during the phone answering process.

4. We can start answering those calls instantly!

Our receptionists will now be ready to start answering those calls. Our friendly local telephonists will greet your callers and potential prospects with the greeting that you have entered and then either email or SMS you with details of the call. Alternatively they can forward the calls to another telephone number. Why not try it!

Why risk those incoming prospects

Research carried out by a major telecomms company revealed that as much as 60% of incoming callers hang up rather than bothering to record a message on an automated machine. The vast majority of those callers then just ring the next company on the list and never call your business back. What ends up happening is that you don't just lose that potential prospect but you also end up helping out your competition!

For only a few dollars per month you can ensure that those prospects are greeted by a live local receptionist rather than that automated machine. It makes really good business sense to get an account with Phoneanswering.net.

Call transferred directly to your cell phone

There may be times when you are not in the office but might still be available on your cell or on a hotel phone etc. When these circumstances arise you have the ability to select the status of "Available for call transfer" from the admin console and our friendly telephonists then use your "Find me" numbers (cell phone, home office, hotel room etc.) to pin point where you are at and transfer that call. Our service really is extremely flexible.

Incoming message handling

When you are busy with meetings or other things and you want to take calls you can select the status of "Do Not Disturb" in your console. When "Do Not Disturb" is selected and an incoming call arrives the professional receptionist taking that call will ask your caller to leave a message. The receptionist will then forward the message to you using email and/or text. The message from your caller will then be in your inbox just minutes after the caller hangs up. It really is incredibly efficient!

Calls transferred to your colleagues

If needed, our service has been developed to enable us to transfer those incoming calls to one of your colleagues or to a department (eg. Sales, Accounting, Finance, etc) if needed. This transfer would be carried out based on instructions that you have provided using a phone number directory.

Information can be given to callers

These days we all find that a lot of those incoming calls are just requests for further information from your company. This is no problem at all. Our skilled receptionists will be able to let your callers know what you do, what your website address is, what street you are on or what your postal address is. In addition, they can provide details in regards to parking, public transport and much more.

FREE 7 Day Trial
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Try it now!

In just minutes from now our receptionists could be answering your incoming calls!

Whether you are located in the USA or you are somewhere else in the world our skilled receptionists are waiting to answer your incoming phone calls in a prompt, efficient and courteous manner. If you want to find out more then why not test us out for 7 days and you can see why more than 7,000 customers from the USA, UK and Australia our services.

Grab yourself a 7 Day FREE Trial today and try out our Virtual Answering service for yourself!

Our customers really love our service. The biggest complaint that we tend to hear is: "I really had no idea that a service like this actually existed, it has really changed my life and the way I do business. Our customers quite often say that their callers think 'our receptionist' is actually sitting there in their office." What could be better than that! We hear all the time that customers wish they had discovered the Phoneanswering.net services much earlier.

Nobody ever knows when those important callers are going ring. The sad reality is that it can quite likely be just at the same time as a whole range of other calls are being received. The problem here, if you don't have a professional answering service is that your really important call might end up being diverted to an automated answering machine. Life does not need to work like this. When you sign up for a phone answering service with Phoneanswering.net all incoming calls can receive the same professional attention that they deserve. You can even prioritize the really important ones. Phoneanswering.net offer flexible month by month answering services that are able to be customized to suit your specific needs in your business. The personalized package that you create can provide anything from a full 24-hour coverage service to as little as just one call being answered per day. We could even build a custom service that provides a one hour a day service to provide lunch cover when your in-house receptionist takes a break. Whether you need business hour coverage, year round cover or just some occasional coverage during the really busy periods we will be there to help you out. Our service has the flexibility and professionalism to meet your receptionist service requirements. As a consequence, you as a business owner will be left with more time to focus on strategy within your business and to focus on making more money in the process. Why not give our office a call today and set up your own Virtual Receptionist free trial? The set-up process takes only a couple of minutes when you use our FREE trial form.

First impressions are everything when doing business. If a prospect rings you then you need to be certain that the receptionist answering that phone call can give your business a red hot chance at securing the business. At Phoneanswering.net we have dedicated professional receptionists ready to be the friendly, experienced and assisting voice on the end of the phone. We don't believe in cutting corners by using cheap offshore call center staff to take your calls. Our fully trained telephonists are local USA based workers who care about those incoming calls and who can help you to get the most out of that call. Our receptionists are an absolutely perfect choice for your company and will give you a first class solution to your phone answering requirements. Letting us help with your phone call answering can save your profit and loss as much as 60% of the employment cost of having your own in-house receptionist. Our receptionists will be focused on ensuring that you and your business present well. Don't worry about being locked into a contract. Around the world we have more than 7000 active customers and they stick with us because of the awesome service that we provide. It works out to be a real win-win. You get a fantastic level of service which gives you the time to focus on strategy and build your business.

You will be in good company

Getting a telephone answering service is a great way for small and medium sized businesses to leverage their abilities. No longer do you need to spend all of that time either answering those incoming calls or supervising the person who is answering those calls. You can focus your time and attention on the things that you are good at and the things that prompted you to start your business in the first place.

Here at Cloud Phone Answering we provide receptionist services for hundreds of small businesses throughout the USA. These small businesses include legal practices, CPA practices, internet marketing companies, IT professionals, trades people plus many more. If you would like to test our service out and see whether there is a fit with your business then why not take a free 7 day trial of a service and see if it works for you. There is no obligation to go forward after the free trial and we do not require a credit card to start the free trial. What have you got to lose!

Cloud Phone Answering

Let us manage your calls, while you manage your business
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