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How Can A Virtual Receptionist Help You Manage Your Small Business?


As the saying goes, big things start from small beginnings. Imagine how a building rises from the ground up. Each small block used in creating an entire building is important in its own right. From these layered blocks, a foundation is initially prepared to help create a strong building that could withstand anything.

Just like in property development, this principle could also be used in starting a business. Take, for example, a small financial company, which is offering assistance to limited customers. What started as a small business might actually become the next universal bank with hundreds of branches nationwide that’s catering to people from different parts of the country, or even globally. So, this brings us to the question of what really is the secret to building an empire.

This kind of success is not an overnight process. It would take a lot of time and effort before a company can achieve such status. Primarily, it shall depend on the business' strategies and how it plays in the market, how the customers react to their product, and how strong the foundation of this small company is to resist all the unavoidable struggles with the ever-changing economy, as well as the ups and downs that may come their way.

Before thinking big, it is only appropriate to focus on the basic business needs, especially for start-ups and small companies. One of the key elements is having a great answering service to take all the important calls. One piece of advice worth sharing to help you avoid unnecessary manpower expense is to take advantage of a Virtual Receptionist, a popular live answering service ideal for any company size, but most especially beneficial to small businesses playing aggressively in their specific industry.

Being small doesn’t mean that opportunities should be limited. With the help of a telephone answering service, the company will be able to receive all business opportunities coming from any part of the country, or anywhere around the world. For instance, a thriving car rental company, where telephones are the main channel of connection to their customers may significantly benefit in numerous ways if they grab the telephone answering service.



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Such business will most likely encounter high-volume calls on any given day. Indeed, phone answering is a significant part of their daily operation, but the instability of the revenue might be a deciding factor for the business owner to ignore this need, regardless of its overall impact to the company. As a consequence of the lack of manpower, this important task will no longer be a priority. Not knowing that the missed phone call might be the opportunity of a lifetime that their business has been waiting for.

With Virtual Assistant, you’re always ensured that there’s someone to answer your calls and inquiries, take down notes, and forward necessary calls. These professionals are trained to be friendly and accommodating to each caller, which can help your business grow with the most cost-effective and specialized way to manage all your calls.

To help you decide, here are five ways in which a live Virtual Receptionist or Virtual Assistant may help you manage your small business:


1. Offers 24/7 Assistance


A telephone answering service doesn’t just offer a simple yes or no response to your customers. Personalized service is what they offer all day, all night. 24/7 business opportunities are well handled and no important call is missed.

For businesses that are considering hiring an in-house receptionist, there will come a time when he or she needs to call in sick or have to attend to some personal matters. During that period, no one will be in charge of answering the calls. Perhaps, you will need to pull out someone from your small team. If this happens, the workflow is disrupted and this may result in lost opportunities for the company. Since phone answering requires a skill set, which includes customer service intangibles (patience, courtesy, empathy, etc.), multi-tasking (listening while typing information), and good overall understanding of your products and services, not all staff members in your office are qualified for this task. With a Virtual Receptionist, a well-trained and experienced one is always on the go.




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2. Makes Your Customer Happy


Virtual Receptionists are trained professionals that possess the required standards to properly handle each call getting through your business. They screen every call and make sure that only reliable and positive business opportunities would be connected to your company.

With a positive tone right upon picking up the phone, they’re capable of convincingly setting the mood of the conversation. Your customers will never be so happy to dial your number once again in the future, knowing that their needs are being addressed properly, without them realizing that a phone answering service company was the one doing the job for you. Without any doubt, once they feel that their needs are being taken care of, recommendations through word of mouth will soon follow. As the Virtual Receptionist answers the call with a smile, customers will eventually have theirs until they say goodbye.


3. Saves Money and Time


Since small businesses usually employ fewer people due to the limited budget, having a Virtual Receptionist or Assistant helps save the business owner additional salary and incidental expenses for the implementation of the telephone answering task. No more time to waste on training a traditional, in-house receptionist, no more building of working space and facilities, and no more spending on higher salaries and accompanied contributions. With a Virtual Receptionist, your budget is controlled and you only pay for what you have used. In return, more fund can be allocated to other important aspects of the business such as marketing, operations, and other aspects of the business that would help your company fast track its growth.

Another unique task a Virtual Assistant can do is to organize your schedule. Since a small company usually has multiple tasks distributed to some or only one employee, a Virtual Assistant can handle the appointments and provide you the list of the things to do for the week. They may also be flexible depending upon the needs being required from them, as long as it’s under the scope of telephone answering services.


4. Increases Company Revenue


The Virtual Receptionist can help you turn any potential customers into an actual one, which in return would increase your sales volume. Virtual Receptionist can take down every detail of your prospective leads and you may phone them back anytime. Up until now, a phone call is still one of the best ways to build a strong network.

Also, since no calls are being missed, you can treat every caller as a prospective customer. Obviously, you’re greatly increasing the chances that each call will be converted into a potential sale since professional Virtual Receptionist is the one doing this task for your business.



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5. Introduces Your Company in the Industry


By having a Virtual Receptionist, there will always be someone to introduce your company, your products and services, and any special deals and offers of your business. Being part of a small company, one should be flexible to various tasks lined up that correspond to a respective deadline. Answering a phone call may not be a priority because there are far more important things to do on the basis of their job designation. With a live answering service, all calls will be properly attended and your company will be able to grab numerous opportunities.

For small businesses, making the wise decision of getting a telephone answering service is a stepping-stone to success. A small effort can turn into big results. A simple kind gesture can bring unlimited prospects that would eventually open the door to more sales. A simple call can build the future of your small company, and if you’re wise, you won’t allow losing even a single call.

If you're a small business who's expanding at a really quick phase and you don't exactly know how a Virtual Receptionist can do wonders for your business, kindly give us a call or email. Our friendly Virtual Receptionist will do the rest for you.

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