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How Much Does a Phone Answering Service Cost?


Everyone needs to stick to a budget when starting a new business. When you start out you have some initial funds to get things going. We generally call those funds the business capital or simply the source of funds, which will be used for the business operation of the company. Regardless of the size of your company, part of your capital should always be allocated to customer support to enhance the company's reputation in the eyes of the customer. Indeed, it's a necessary factor to maintain the business and it should always come hand in hand with the excellent product & service that you provide your customer. By doing this, your guaranteeing that you can keep the customers coming, and eventually make them stay for good and become loyal patrons. All these primary and secondary components will make your business on top.

Let's now deal with a package that will cover all these three factors – an effective communication channel and customer service with a cost-effective procedure that will save your budget and adapt to your company’s needs. It is a communication method we call phone answering service. Once your company receives a call from a customer, a cheerful and friendly receptionist will answer the call for you and will deliver the message to your client the way you want it. These receptionists are well-trained and properly guided with the basic information or frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the company. In this way, no calls are taken for granted and each caller will be well-handled by an American receptionist. If the calls are very urgent, you can set it up so that messages will be delivered to the proper recipients where messages can be sent via SMS, transferred call, or email. It can be sent to solo or group recipients. A free seven-day trial is now being offered to any interested companies from different industries. Generally, the telephone is the primary communication channel being used by 100% of the companies nationwide.



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How Does it Work?


The system automatically provides you a toll free local phone number upon signing up for a free trial. This number is real and unique specifically designated for your business. In case you already have an existing number, you simply redirect your original number to the one number provided for you. After completing this simple process, all of your phone calls are now ready to be answered by the virtual receptionist. There is no limit in terms of the numbers of recipients to be enrolled in telephone answering service. A list of guidelines shall be provided by the company so that the receptionist has a guide most especially the frequently asked questions. The service is personalized and the business owner can dictate how the calls shall be handled and sent to recipients. Once the set-up is done, the live receptionist is now ready to serve you. It is as if a real in-house receptionist is taking care of your callers. Aside from this stress-free and friendly set-up, you can review and check the calls you received for the day by checking the online portal exclusively assigned to you. Here, you can check every detail and the manner the calls are handled and answered by the virtual receptionists. The free trial will give you the idea on the number of calls your company receives in a day or week and helps you decide which service to choose. You can register with call answering service right away and start the service in no time.

How Much Does this Service Cost?


As mentioned earlier, the budget depends on the need of your company. If the budget is really tight, you can always choose the one for start-ups. The cost of the service depends on the number of calls answered per month.




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The details below sums up the live answering service we offer:

  • • Virtual Receptionist 15
  • Perfect for start-up businesses. It only costs $15.00 plus $2.00 per call, or pay-as-you-go billing.

  • • Virtual Receptionist 25
  • Ideal for Tradesmen. It has 25 calls for just $45.00 per month. Each call costs $1.80. That’s a $0.20 savings per call compared to the Virtual Receptionist 15. Excess calls cost $1.75 per call.

  • • Virtual Receptionist 50
  • The most popular service. Ideal for middle-sized companies. With 50 calls for just $75.00 per month. Each call costs only $1.50. That’s $0.25 cheaper than Virtual Receptionist 25. Excess calls cost $1.75 per call.

  • • Virtual Receptionist 100
  • Ideal for an expanding business where you pay just $125.00 per month with 100 calls. Each call costs only $1.25. That’s $0.25 cheaper than Virtual Receptionist 50 and $0.50 cheaper than Virtual Receptionist 25. Excess calls cost $1.75 per call.

  • • Virtual Receptionist 200
  • Ultimate corporate package. Ideal for big businesses with a maximum number of calls received per month. Pay $230.00 for 200 calls per month. That’s $1.15 only per call. That’s $0.10 cheaper than Virtual Receptionist 100 and $0.35 cheaper than Virtual Receptionist 50. Whereas $0.65 cheaper than the Virtual Receptionist 25. Excess calls cost $1.75 per call.

At an average, your company will be spending only $75.00 per month if you will be availing the Virtual Receptionist 50. That’s 30 times cheaper than hiring an in-house receptionist which will cost you $2,500.00 per month. If you will avail the phone answering service, your $2,500 budget for one employee is sufficient to cover 2.5 years equivalent of availing the Virtual Receptionist 50.



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With the excellent service of a well-trained receptionist, you can never go wrong in choosing this telephone answering service while expanding your business. The higher service you enroll in, the cheaper each call costs. While growing your business, it is expected that the number of calls also increases. With more phone calls, you can upgrade to a higher virtual receptionist service and spend less. What else can you look for? Go register and experience the most cost-effective and budget-friendly, global quality service that your company and your customers deserve.

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