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Professional Telephone Answering Services Will Benefit Your Real Estate Agency


In the world of real estate, one of the most significant issues that you need to take on is client satisfaction. Out of all the typical industries out there, few have the same challenges – and stresses – that real estate agents need to go through. Many real estate agents find themselves now doing double the work for half the money, struggling to retain the same kind of authority and trust they once held.

The majority of agents spend so much time out of the office and dealing with the stresses of the day that they can find themselves severely limited in terms of dealing with prospective customers. Rather than finding your path to progression and improvement being blocked due to lack of time and manpower, you can turn to a fine solution, a professional virtual receptionist. These can benefit real estate agents by giving them a voice when they are out of the office.



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Instead of having to miss out on all of those leads as you were running from listing to listing and showing people around, you can capitalize further by outsourcing your live answering service needs. It means avoiding the cost of an in-house receptionist without having to miss out on the various benefits that they bring.

You don’t need to work your fingers to the bone if you want to be a success in the world of real estate today. What you need to do, though, is maximize time and resources accordingly to get the best deal that you can. Using resources better, such as an answering service, can be the catalyst to making your business more productive.

So, how can turning to a service like this make such a big difference to your business performance and consistency?


No More Missed Calls


With voicemail becoming an extinct solution to gathering leads, if you miss the chance to reach out today, chances are that you tend to lose that client. People aren’t leaving voicemail messages like they once did, so getting hold of someone via traditional lead capture methods is becoming harder. With a phone answering service, though, this changes; you have someone there, all the time, to grab those important calls.

You no longer need to either pay an expensive receptionist or try and manage the calls yourself throughout the day. Therefore, your clients receive 100% undivided attention, allowing you to put in all of the work and efforts to capturing the hearts and minds of those clients you are with today. Now, you aren’t trying to man the phones, capture leads, and convert the leads you already have all at once.

It’s simply too much work, and resources spread too thin tends to lead to you performing at a lower level than you should be. Give yourself a chance to succeed in the first place; turn to a telephone answering service and you can avoid having to try and manage the phones as well as attend client calls, show people around, and make deals.

It’s all about planning and sound preparation – are you ready to make that particular sacrifice?




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Go 24/7


While real estate agencies are very much localized, being available all the time is not a bad idea at all. You might only get calls at certain points of the day, but you can get even more by being there all the time. This allows you to catch the early birds who are up at 5-6 AM, looking at homes before they go to work. It allows you to get the night owls, too, who might try and contact you at the crack of dawn. With the help of having a call answering service, you are no longer subject to building a list of clients during your day.

It allows you to move far beyond these limitations and become far more likely to see a genuine level of response from day one. It improves communications with clients while painting your business in the most positive light that it can.

These are vital elements and aspects of sound business practice and go a long way to developing your business in the right sense.


Improved Service Range


As a real estate agent, you might also be involved in the world of helping people secure rental accommodation. Not everyone has the means to get the cash to buy a home today. This means that rental markets are booming, and you can make the right calls regarding service ranges, thanks to your improved means of communication.

Set up a rental hotline, using your new ally – a virtual assistant might be a better fit – to run the rental side of things for you. This allows for a strong yet minor income stream to be made on the side while you deal with the big sales that pay the bills. Now, you aren’t interrupting a flowing sales speech on a six-figure property to try and close a short volume of return from the rental contract.

This kind of service can help you capitalize on the customer service and administration side of things. When managing rentals, you tend to be the one responsible for being the go-between for tenant and landlord. With an always on call team there to handle the management of maintenance for you, you can spend more time handling the things that you can do best without having to neglect clients.

It’s a win-win scenario and certainly makes the management of your real estate business a whole simpler than it is today.



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With this in mind, you can easily start to make progress and see positive change as a business owner. You get to handle problems that might otherwise have stopped you from taking the next step forward, without having to handle them directly. It allows your business to flourish without needing full-time staff investment. It also means that you can improve the range and quality of the offers that you can bring forth, thanks to an easier way of communicating with clients.

All in all, you can find that the range of improvements brought forward by using a trusted and reliable telephone answering service far outweighs any potential issues you may have faced.

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Let us manage your calls, while you manage your business
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