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Virtual Receptionist: The Future of Business Customer Support


For many years, humanity has been on a one-way path towards a more automated society. Being able to reduce the amount of work that we all need to do as individuals is always a positive. However, many feel quite uncertain about the way of the future and what it’s going to provide us. Automation fears make it easy for people to see their industry and their expertise being replaced by robots. However, one other fear exists – the web allowing for global employment opportunity.

Now, that might sound weird, that people are worried about global employment. It’s more the fact that, as time goes on, outsourcing globally is becoming more prominent than ever thought possible. People are working all across the globe, as we continue to reduce barriers and provide employment opportunity to the best person, not the best nationality. This is a vital change in the way that we are going to see the future of business customer support change and evolve.

For one, the days of having an in-house support are dying out. Full-time roles in part-times hours is not a good business practice, and many cost-efficient businesses are reducing the amount of money that they spend on customer support in-house. Instead, they turn to various support networks that can offer an easy, effective solution from afar.



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The future of customer support has one certainty – the days of having support networks is beginning to run out. Today, we are looking to find more opportunities to get the same level of productivity without the same financial investment being needed. For many businesses, that means outsourcing to telephone answering service, virtual receptionist or virtual assistant instead.

It makes sense, though – with so much investment needed to make a business operate properly today, why should we possibly consider not trying to maximize our output? Using a call answering service, for example, allows for calls to be dealt with as they come in. Rather than trying to find menial tasks for an employee who is supposed to be dealing with business customer support to pass the time when calls are not coming in, they are only used as-needed.




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The main change, then, is that all in-house staff are going to be active on activities that need to be taken care of locally. For other elements, such as support and administration, changes are already on the way that are going to more or less completely transform the way that our businesses will be finding their support networks.



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