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What is Phone Answering Service?


Businesses come through different channels. There is always a two-way approach to communication. Firstly, and the most common, is when you look for the clients or business prospects to avail your products or services. Several approaches are tested like emails, walk-ins, call outs, and referrals among others. With this, you'll be needing patience, hard work, creative mind, passion and much more. Secondly, when the customers are the ones looking for you. In this case, one essential factor is extremely needed - an effective communication channel that will connect the prospective client successfully to you.

As a business protocol, it is a must to give your clients the best experience whenever they get in touch with you. You always want a good first impression. Yes, the first impression lasts. What if you are not available to answer their call? That will be a missed business opportunity, a negative impression, and a failure. Here comes the need for a reliable phone answering service to take care of every business calls that will come your way.

With a telephone answering service, all incoming calls will be answered exactly the same way you answer it or how you want it to be answered. Messages will be delivered based on the owners' instructions. No more worries about missing a call or messages since these can be sent to you or the employee concerned instantly. Unlike answering machines where everything is recorded, the call answering service offers a real human taking the calls. It is like having a receptionist of your own.

Callers may even imagine that it is really your employee situated in your office who is answering the calls. You'll be required to provide a guide or frequently asked questions (FAQs) and basic answers that will be the basis of the responses to the calls. These can be programmed and designed the way you want it to. Everything is under control. A cheerful and friendly receptionist is always present 24/7 to answer questions and even take down notes then relay it to the person concerned in no time.

There is really no better way to entertain a customer but to answer it yourself and satisfy the caller with the correct and precise answer they want. With live answering service, there is the perfect representative for your business, a real person who is always on the go to entertain the callers and give them what they want.



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How Does Phone Answering Service Differ from a Phone Answering Machine?


Basically, the main difference is the one who answers the call, which will eventually result in the kind of service offered which will finally dictate the satisfaction level of the customer or the caller.

How do we know which service to use? First, the company should distinguish the kind of service that they offer. For most companies like the telecommunications industry, voice mail services and the like, a recorded answering machine is generally at a high consistent level.

For businesses requiring customer assistance, the phone answering service is needed. This service offers a moment-to-moment variable of human input or the personalized service that a real human can offer. This can bring out the highest level of satisfaction of the customer. The quality of the service varies greatly due to the human call processing factor.




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How Does Phone Answering Service Work?


Initially, after your free trial sign up, you will be assigned an automated toll-free local phone number. After you set up the call forwarding options of your old number, customers may now reach you regarding product or service inquiries through the help of your friendly Virtual Receptionist. There is no limit in terms of the number of employees to be included in the setup. In just a few minutes, the system can be set up and ready for use. Business owners can choose several ways how to have their messages forwarded to the proper recipients. It can be via email, phone transfers, or SMS. It can be sent to one, two or multiple recipients - very easy to use and reliable.

With telephone answering service, you'll never worry about missed calls or inquiries. Aside from giving your customers a proactive approach, you can freely go out of the office, meet with other clients or simply go to the washroom. Everything will be taken care of - from answering calls to delivering messages, hassle free service that will be of big help to your growing business. The virtual answering service can also screen a call whether it’s important or just a superfluous call that is not so urgent. In this way, your time is conserved. In case the call is really urgent, the virtual receptionist can transfer the call anytime.



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How to Avail Yourself of the Phone Answering Service?


There is a free seven-day trial. Here, you can test how it really works. No deposits required or hidden charges. It is a seven-day experience to see how this service works for you or your company. A specific number will be assigned to your company that the system automatically provides upon enrolling in the service. All calls will now be diverted from your office, going to the Virtual Receptionist to provide top-notch customer support.

Checking of call logs is easy since it is readily available online through the website. After the free trial, you can continue the service and just pay for the services used. There is no lengthy contract to sign and you may terminate the service anytime. With just $125 per month, you can subscribe to professional telephone answering service. That is twenty times cheaper than the monthly pay for an on-site employee. You can really save money, time, and effort because with the phone answering service, the receptionist is a well-trained American who can offer professional customer service.

There is no loss in taking advantage of this telephone answering service. It is a win-win situation where the budget is controlled and at the same time receiving the best returns for your money through the help of this service. Your company is always in good hands and your customers will always receive the best service that they deserve.

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Let us manage your calls, while you manage your business
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