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Why Is Call Answering Service Absolutely Relevant Today?


With all the advancement in technology, many businesses have opted to eliminate the simple, yet most effective way of dealing successfully with customers – a phone answering service.

Why listen to a phone call when you can do it all through the web?

This, though, is a flawed way of thinking. Call-related services are still hugely relevant and deemed massively important. For anyone still involved in the world of marketing and service provision, using live answering services is still incredibly useful.

Even with all the information handed out online, people still prefer genuine, live customer support. When it comes to getting an answer, you might find that the 24/7 Live Chat or the simplistic FAQ isn’t enough. There will be occasions that your customer might not be able to find the information they need online. For that reason, no business should consider getting rid of any kind of call answering service.

So how can people go the extra mile to try and maintain this service? If you feel that it’s an important part of your business, what reasons exist for keeping it?



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In Times of Need


For one, people don’t appreciate their service provider passing them off to an automated answering service. Let’s say that you are looking to contact your energy provider due to a fault in the area. Being put through to an automated service is infuriating – it leaves you feeling rejected, left alone by the company.

Thankfully, you can solve this problem easily by having a live virtual receptionist. It means that a live person can listen and take on the query right then and there, and provide the customers with a clear and detailed response regarding the concern.

This is much more assuring for a person to hear than a list of ‘Press 1’ instructions. Honestly, if your business has any kind of service or product that may need support, a telephone answering service is still suitable to have. It means that customers can get a human answer and some much-needed empathy from the company that they are trying to get in touch with.

This is very useful and should go a pretty long way in helping your customer avoid feeling like they are helpless. It’s a simple, yet necessary service that all company should invest to keep their customers always satisfied and happy.




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Filing Requirement


Similarly, if a customer needs to lodge a service or a requirement with you, they want to do it in person. And before they do so, they usually have some questions prepared before they even engage in any business with your company. Leaving all of your services to be ordered via automated phone or online is not a good idea, there should still be at least a person ready to provide your customers all the answers to their concerns. Leaving everything automated might do more harm than good. Worse, it might cost you visitors and sales.

Naturally, you want to avoid this from happening. For you to be able to do that, your best bet is to offer a call service. They can help you to get sales, while at the same time helping put a smile on your customer’s face and avoid people from becoming annoyed or frustrated at your service.

It’s a simple adjustment to make and one that is absolutely bound to have a positive impact on your business. When your customers or potential customers get sick of their other providers using automated approach to address their concerns, your business should be the one to benefit from it.



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Providing Assurance


Another major benefit of using a phone answering service like this comes from the fact that it allows for a rather significant drop in the number of customers left without a personalized match to their queries. Your automated system can only do so much for a certain customer – the minute more specific needs or nuanced requirements are made clear; the problems begin to appear. You want to avoid this and the best way to do so is to provide assurance through the form of a real, live person waiting on the other end of the phone to help out.

This is very useful for one major reason – it helps customers feel happy and a whole lot more comfortable when dealing with a virtual receptionist generally. You now avoid being that annoying business that automated everything and instead, you can be the cool, helpful business that provided comfort and live expertise.

Don’t just assume that your system can find all the solutions to your customer’s problems. Some companies will have an automated system, with the ability to be patched through live support. This is a good option too, but always make sure you are ready to provide solutions to any customer concerns along the way.

Expert Service

Lastly, the reason why having a live answering service is still viable and recommended is due to the impression it would leave to your customers about your company. By having a virtual receptionist, you’ll have the chance to one-up the competition right then and there by giving a special attention to your customer when they feel like they needed it the most. It allows you to establish your business in the eyes of your customers in a deeply satisfying way – making yourself the authority.

If someone has phoned your business for support, they obviously are looking to find the answers to what they need. With an expert handling the phone call, you make sure that the customer knows that they are dealing with someone who knows exactly what they are doing.

Having a human touch might be the best thing that can get your business the sales that you are looking for. Whereas a decade ago, we all wanted more automation; at the moment, most people are looking for a little more in the way of trust and human interaction from the businesses that they use.

Keep this in mind and your business can go really far. For your Virtual Receptionist and Virtual Assistant needs, you may check our Services page or contact us for more info.

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