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Why It Makes Sense To Outsource Telephone Answering Services?


Seek and you shall find. This proverb is applicable not only to ordinary people trying to be enlightened in terms of love, knowledge, and experience. It applies to all principles including the business sector. With the extremely tough competition in the market, businesses extend their offices outside the four corners of their buildings to invite more clients and introduce their business to consumers. They build a stronger and more effective sales and marketing arm to increase their sales volume. Incentives and bonuses are offered to employees and agents to motivate them to sell. Research and Development (R&D) is also proven to be an effective tool in the continuous improvement of the company, which will then lead to increase in sales. All the above-mentioned factors are utilized by businesses from all around the world to achieve their end goal - to generate a healthy profit, and at the same time, make their customers satisfied.

On top of the above-mentioned options, there is one more strategy that companies consider as one of their best practices - getting the services from consultants or freelancers. What exactly do they do to help the companies increase their sales?

Consultants are experts in a specific field, industry or specialization. One can be in a consultancy business solely or in a group. They offer professional advice or services for a fee. For instance, a retired banker can offer services to a start-up bank to help them cope up with the requirements of a governmental monitoring body or simply to guide a specific unit or department and help them function properly and more competitively. An experienced doctor can also offer consultancy services to different hospitals. Any industry can request for assistance and advice from a consultant. Usually, consultants are situated at their client's office or they can also work from home. They can choose a place that is convenient and practical for them. Consultancy has been a practice in the industry for so many years and is proven to be an effective strategy.

Likewise, freelancers act independently without being affiliated with a single company. A freelancer earns money by being hired to work for several jobs, but usually not for long-term engagement. Same with a consultant, a freelancer may be home-based or work in their client’s office. Usually, they are hired to work on special projects with their specialization for a fee.



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With the nature of a consultant and a freelancer's job, both would definitely not be around most of the time to answer phone calls. Thus, the need for a telephone answering service provider is a good option in this line of job. In the said industries, phone calls are expected to be business opportunities from prospective clients. Aside from their absence in the physical office, they are mostly fixated to a project or task assigned to them; therefore, they may not be able to answer the phone when it rings. Since working as a consultant or freelancer is literally a mobile job, some opt to have no permanent office at all. Through the help of outsourcing a live answering service, consultancy firms and freelancing jobs are given the advantage of having a specific number where customers can reach them 24/7. A well-trained virtual receptionist will answer all calls and no business opportunities will be missed.


Personalized Service 24/7


Live answering services require a human touch. Thus, customers get to communicate with real people. Moreover, professional virtual receptionists have excellent training in customer service. They have feelings, and they can offer good advice to clients and empathize with them in any of their concerns – definitely something that an automated answering machine will not be able to provide. Most answering services are up 24/7. Despite a very busy schedule, consultants or freelancers can still gather more clients in an easy and efficient manner. This service can also attract more customers and possible referrals if the services offered are superb and beyond expectation.


Save Time


In the business industry, time is money. Wasted time is money lost. With a live answering service ready to back you up anytime, you are free from worries and you can go outside to use your time looking for business opportunities. You have more chances to sell and market your product or services. Instead of allotting time in answering the calls, other critical functions can be prioritized.


Cost-Effective Phone Answering Services


You only pay for the services used. Since all calls are properly accounted, every conversation can be checked as well as the number of calls received and the quality of services offered by the receptionists. You may also gauge how well the company is doing just by checking the number of calls received in a day, month, or even years.




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Builds the Reputation of the Firm


Receptionist in any form, whether an in-house or outsourced is a reflection of the company. When you provide a good quality phone answering service to your client, it is much expected that repeating callers would increase and feedback would be great. This effect molds the reputation of the firms and gives a positive and attractive impression to prospective clients.


Hassle-Free and More Affordable


Compared to hiring an in-house receptionist to take the calls every day, outsourcing phone services can save you from the hassle procedure and expensive cost of hiring an employee directly. With a virtual receptionist, there is no need to arrange for space and a working area or purchase office equipment. You can also save from paying high salary and get a discount through the telephone answering service. You just need to contact a reliable company offering phone answering service and everything will be instantly done for you - the training, the telephone, connection, etc. It's very convenient for anyone.

Outsourcing telephone answering services is a smart and efficient strategy for professionals, consultants and freelancers for them to utilize their time more productively. It's an assistance beyond expectation by having well-trained and experienced receptionists to take the calls. Free yourself from worry, focus on the projects and sell aggressively while winning more clients through the help of phone answering services.



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