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Why Use a Telephone Answering Service for Your Small Business?


Impression formation is an essential factor in any business. And in every business, it is customer service that welcomes one. As much as we want to be present all the time to personally answer queries and range of concerns from customers, let’s face the fact that we cannot just sit down and wait for calls to come in all day. Telephone Answering Service is an alternative solution to maintain customer support and make sure there is always someone to take phone calls all day and all night with the quality service that will make customers stay and become loyal patrons.

Telephone has always been a necessity in the office. With the advanced technology sprouting in the communication industry such as chat, online messaging, video calls, etc., nothing beats the telephone. And what comes with this small machine is the real player. How can we entertain our customers? How can we build the relationship which will dictate the future of the company? Believe it or not, strong and personalized relationship with the customers is the bloodline of every successful company. Since telephone is obviously being relied on by almost 100% of the companies globally, there comes more effective approach on how to make this telephone service more efficient and friendly to your pocket. Through outsourcing this Phone Answering Service, cost is managed without compromising the quality of the service.

By subscribing in a Telephone Answering Service, a friendly and professional virtual receptionist answers your phone 24/7 exactly the way you design it to work. It is like having your own in-house receptionist but without the hassle of hiring a permanent staff to work for you. There is no need for trial and errors of training a staff that usually requires time, money and effort. Live Answering Service corresponds to a huge saving compared to hiring an in-house staff. No need to arrange for a working area, buy new equipment and of course, the monthly salary. According to the PayScale in the US, hiring a receptionist will cost you $2,500 per month. But if you subscribe to the Call Answering Service, it will cost you only $125 per month which is equivalent to 100 calls. That’s 20 times cheaper than the fixed salary you will pay to an in-house receptionist. With this service, you can set up customized call handling protocols and ensure that no valuable call is missed. Imagine you are in a business meeting and a new customer calls you, the Telephone Service will take the call instantly and with the protocols given, all inquiries are answered and instruction are carefully taken down. You are not there but through the Virtual Answering Service, you have an extension of the service that you will similarly offer to your customers. Whether it is technical in nature or basic information, as long as detailed call scripts and FAQs are provided, our Business Answering Service can provide definite answers that the customer needs. This service will give an image to your customer that the receptionist is really there sitting at your desk and happily taking and answering the calls.



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How does the Telephone Answering Service works? A local telephone number will be allocated exclusively to each company during the FREE Trial sign up process. Whether customers call these numbers directly or divert any other number to that number, calls will be handled by our receptionists instantly. This service has no limits in terms of the number of staff that can be set up during the trial. The advantage of customizing the service is on you. A specified period or say number of rings can be set up before it is answered by the Telephone Service. This service is not only limited to answering and recording the details of the conversation, the calls can also be transferred to specified members or any phones anywhere in the world. Details of your staff can be recorded as well as their answering preferences. It can be sent to a single employee or to multiple contact details the way you want it to – via email, SMS or redirecting the call to the employees concerned. For any changes or updates, details can be restructured by accessing the online client portal. Appointments can also be arranged by highly experienced receptionists.

Local number for your headquarters and at the same time multiple numbers in different area codes can be assigned to your company giving it that global image. Toll Free number can also be provided should you wish to. Increase of productivity of your staff is another advantage to look forward to when subscribing to this telephone service. Research shows that phone calls are one of the biggest distractions that we face in the workplace. If an employee is busy writing some reports and the phone suddenly rings, this will break the momentum and eventually directs their attention to something else. Hence, productivity is affected. With the Telephone Answering Service, you can design and set up the service if you are busy and not able to take calls for this period. It can be restructured anytime via online portal.

For some instances that the company is already closed and not able to take orders from customers, the telephone answering service can answer inquiries and take down orders, record it and forward the message to the employee concerned. In this way, no profit is lost. Customers are well attended all the time.




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After taking advantage of the free trial and eventually giving you the experience, you have the option to continue by subscribing to the Telephone Answering Service. No security deposits or set up fees will be collected. The set up will only take a few minutes and upon set up, you can immediately direct or divert calls to Cloud Phone Answering and calls will be answered depending on the protocols provided by the owner. There is no lengthy contracts or required subscription but only a month to month agreement. Within this period, you are free to customize the service depending on the need of the company and pay only for what you use. Since the service is flexible, you are free to upgrade or downgrade the service based on your budget and requirement.

The service is open to all industries regardless of the size of the firm, start-up or big companies can take advantage of the free trial. We cater for professionals such as real estate agents, accountants and all other lines of work requiring customer service. For companies working remotely, telephone answering service is a great way to manage and coordinate a remote team. There is a huge advantage especially to small businesses due its cost effectiveness and flexibility. Companies will only need to pay for the services used. There is full control of the program and with the client online portal, all calls are recorded and viewable. Hence you would know exactly where your money is going. An accurate list of expense for the receptionist is calculated.

In terms of payment, billing system is fully automated. Payment via credit card is accepted and limited to Mastercard, Visa and AMEX. Through the client portal, all invoices are viewable in real time and this will be emailed monthly.



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