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Why Your Startup Company Should Hire a Telephone Answering Service?


For every business today, managing to have the right kind of setup and solutions is a major part of the business progression. However, not every service and skill can be discovered or implemented in-house as there is simply too much for you to do if you want to make that a possibility. To change this around, you need to appreciate that bringing in third party experts can be a lucrative and beneficial solution.

One such example of this comes from hiring a phone answering service. Many startups struggle to get the right kind of response out to potential clients and customers, which limits their overall appeal and makes it harder to be noticed and appreciated. Answering customers and giving a professional, friendly tone to every enquiry – and complaint – is a must for any business looking to improve their reputation.

To help make that possible, then, you should definitely be considering hiring a virtual receptionist. Customer service skills can be very costly trying to learn, especially when your customers are not returning due to mistakes in terms of the way you handle your calls.

Avoiding that, then, should be your utmost priority. To help you get things done, here are some active reasons to consider why hiring a live answering service could be the smartest decision that you make for your business to progress in the right manner.

Each reason should make it easier to understand and appreciate the benefits of having this valuable service on board.



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Eliminating the Need for Your In-House Staff to Multitask


One of the main reasons to consider making this investment, for example, is the matter of having a professional communicator at your disposal. Having a jack-of-all-trades staff make-up might sound like a good idea, but it’s rarely the haven that it sounds. Instead, outsourcing your company’s answering services can be an excellent way to let your in-house staff focus on their respective duties, which tends to yield more outputs.

It might take some time to get used to this setup, but it is by no means something you should ever discount. Having people onboard who can take on specific tasks and be the expert that you need within that task is such a useful asset to any business.

If you turn to your staff and want to have full, utter confidence in their ability to get the job done then this is exactly the kind of reason that you should believe in. Having expertise provided to you by a dependable virtual receptionist is very important – it means that you have someone onside who knows exactly what they are doing.

This means that when that particular skill is needed, in this case answering clients and potential customers, you have someone you can rely upon to do the job correctly. That’s a major factor in business management today, and you should never discount the importance of it.

Your business always benefits from having someone with the nous and know-how to handle a particular task, rather than groups of staff who can do lots of subjects to a decent standard but are not experts.




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A big part of hiring an answering service as a start-up, though, is the costing side of things. You can find that life is much easier when you start to work with virtual receptionist – or virtual assistant –who are not demanding full-time employment. Startups tend to be minimally financially secured, so you will likely lack the fund and the need for a full-time receptionist or member of staff in this vein. That does not mean that you need to go without that service, though, as an answering service is an as-needed service.

As such, they only get involved when they can be of active use to you. Compared to an in-house receptionist, they don’t just twiddle their thumbs all day waiting for the phone to ring and still get paid at the end of the month. Most phone answering service providers are paid based on the number of calls for a given period of time on top of the agreed fixed rate.

This can reduce your expenditure as a start-up and free up resources for other needed services. For the price of just one full-time staff member, you could be outsourcing a variety of skills that you lack for a fraction of the cost.

No longer do you need to be on the phone all day, or pay a full-time answering team. With an answering service, you can get that side of things dealt with, without having to make the large investment in a member of staff who is unneeded.

Avoid the stress of being seen as unprofessional or uncaring by not having the right consistency or professional resolve.



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Reputation Management


Another major part of why any group should consider picking up a telephone answering service, though, is the reputational side of things. They will work as part of your staff and truly represent your business, helping to create an air of trust and authority within your business practice that may have been lacking previously.

It helps to have a virtual answering service team that is fully capable to deal with the clients and only uses them when the need arises. It allows you to give the best representation of your business without going too far the other way.

Call answering services are trained to deal with all forms of personalities and rudeness; your staff may not be. This allows for a cordial and friendly response to be provided with a hint of professionalism and friendliness at all times. You cannot rely upon that with your own staff – you probably can’t even rely on yourself to deliver that.

From a reputational standpoint, then, any startup can make a huge difference to the way that they work simply by turning to hiring an answering service to take those tough calls instead.

With all of this in mind, you can easily make a progressive case for improvement and long-term growth. Taking the time to understand this and appreciate that you can make improvements without having to make investments full-time and still experience huge benefits to helping your startup make the next big step is the best option that you can take right now.

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